About Us

Island Foodology is a company committed to social entrepreneurship and agricultural development in The Bahamas and the Caribbean. Our founder and CEO, Shacara Lightbourne is an agriculture professional with over 20 years of training and experience with a network of professionals that span the globe. The 3 pillars of our business are training to build capacity in agriculture, products all locally made or sourced and service through project management and creating agri-tourism linkages. We believe that training, community engagement and empowerment are keys to building a vibrant economy.

We believe that organic farming is a positive philosophy

What We Offer?

  1. Training in all areas of agriculture including apiculture, poultry, crop production, agroprocessing and food safety courses for farmers, fisherman and food industry staff. 
  2. Specialized ag-products including locally sourced produce boxes, original and infused local honey, jams and products of the hive gift sets.
  3. Agriculture consulting for project proposal development, project management, supply chain management and logistics, community outreach and agri-ecotourism experiences such as farm tours.

Island Foodology

“Committed to fostering sustainable agricultural products, services and training”

Island Empress Brand

Our Island Empress Brand is our product line that currently includes honey and various products from the hive such as bees-wax candles, lumineries and bees-wax snack wraps. We also offer sweet and environmentally thoughtful gifts for weddings, events and as souvenirs.

Customize Your Course And Experience

There are so many opportunities and gaps in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors. We can help you build your agriculture project and facilitate the training experience that you need. We have a network of specialist locally and internationally with expertise all along the food value chain that are ready to assist. We especially like to work with businesses that have a sense of Corporate Social Responsibility, Universities, NGOs and government entities.